For 40 years Marpa House has provided its visitors with a beautiful and peaceful environment in which to retreat, meditate, and connect with the Dharma and community that is Marpa House.

This is only possible through the generosity of long-term volunteers who assist with the day-to-day running of the house by coming ‘on staff’ for a period of time, and short-term volunteers who may help out with large courses, come for a gardening weekend, or just come and cook lunch!


VACANCIES are available periodically. Marpa House operates with several semi-permanent volunteers who keep the house open to visitors, retreatants and those attending the various large and small courses and meetings that take place during the year.

The Trustees and Committee organise the House so that it is open all the year round, giving visitors the full opportunity for discovering about Buddhism and attending retreats and courses.

For further information about the vacancies described below,  please contact the Secretary by telephone    [44] (0)1799 584415


Long-term volunteering – live-in volunteer

If you have a month free, or want to put your life on hold for a year, then Marpa House gives you the opportunity to become a live-in volunteer.  There are 3 volunteer roles – a cook, a housekeeper and a gardener.  In return you receive free accommodation and meals, free attendance at courses and a small honoraria to cover your basic living costs.

In addition to the practical aspect, being a live-in volunteer provides the opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice and understanding, make new friends within the Sangha, and the knowledge that you are giving back to the House!

If you are interested in becoming a live-in volunteer but have never been to Marpa House before, we ask you to come and stay for a weekend or a few days as a paying guest so that you get to know the House and we get to know you.

Please contact the Secretary on 01799 584415 for an informal chat or email to to arrange a suitable time to visit.  The Secretary will also send you some information about volunteering at Marpa House.









Volunteering weekends

vol_gardenWe often have volunteers gardening weekends throughout the year where you may stay at the house for free or have a free lunch if you are just coming for the day.

Please check the Events page for further details.