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There are no events planned for Marpa House in January, as work has already started on our new fire alarm system and new fire doors (see more about this further down the page). The first events of the new year will take place in February and will be announced in the February edition of our Marpa Monthly email.

As of 1 February 2014 Marpa House Accommodation fees will change to:

Standard House Charge (dormitory) £25 per night                     £150 per week

Single Room House Charge (single room) £30 per night                     £180 per week

Standard Retreat Charge (retreat accommodation) £30 per night                     £180 per week
Further discounts are available for retreats of four weeks or more, provided they are pre-booked and pre-paid.

FIRE SAFETY APPEAL In late summer 2013 Marpa House underwent a fire safety review that saw us effectively being treated as a small hotel. With this new classification came a requirement for a massive upgrade of our fire prevention and warning systems. We have all been taken by surprise as the demands of the Fire Service are wide reaching and highly imperative, and non-compliance would mean the closure of the house. We have been given six months to complete the first phase of the work and will be regularly inspected during this period. The initial estimate of the cost of all the work is at least £25,000 and the final bill will probably be more than this. Work has now started in the house and we are not taking bookings for the month of January while this first phase of the upgrade is being implemented.    Our challenge is to find the funds to complete this essential work. When we, Rinpoche’s students, bought the house 20 years ago, we were asked to each give a donation of £1,000. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP US AGAIN WITH A SIMILAR DONATION? Of course if you cannot give £1,000, a donation of any size will be welcome. We have been so deeply touched by the generous donations coming in so far.   Cheques can be sent to Marpa House, made payable to The Dharma Trust (please write Fire Appeal on the reverse) or you can use this Paypal link to donate. Thank you in anticipation.  


Marpa House operates with semi-permanent staff members who keep the house open to visitors, retreatants and those attending large and small courses taking place during the year. Currently we are looking for a cook and a cleaner. As a volunteer you live at the house and receive a small honorarium to cover basic costs of living. All meals and accommodation are provided free of charge, and you have the opportunity to work, practise and study at Marpa House. To find out more please contact the House Administrator, or a Committee member.






RINPOCHE SUPPORT RETREAT Marpa House Trustees are inviting all of Rinpoche’s students to take part in a Rinpoche Support Retreat during this time while Rinpoche is on retreat. It’s an opportunity to do a retreat at Marpa House and dedicate it to Rinpoche, signing your name on a special wall calendar that will be presented to Rinpoche when he finishes his retreat. People have so far completed 89 days of retreat!


At the end of January Eva will complete her year as Secretary at Marpa House. The Committee gives huge thanks to Eva for her time as Secretary, she has been a pleasure to work with! Eva says: “What an amazing time it has been, from start to finish. How blessed am I? It has been such a privilege to live and work at Marpa and I am very grateful for the sangha who all support the house and each other. It has been deeply wonderful to serve Rinpoche and I wish him a year of peaceful retreat and rest. Thank you to everyone for making my time as Secretary so special! I have loved being here and now I am looking forward to going home to Scotland – wish me well!”






NEW BATHROOM IS COMPLETE We are happy to let you know that work on the new bathroom, toilet and shower rooms upstairs is complete and they are all in use. The sad state of these rooms has been transformed and they are now simple but very functional spaces with increased capacity for times when the house is full. All this is due to the generosity of everyone who gave to the 40/40 fundraising campaign. Thank you!


The January Committee meeting was the last one for Neeltje Berger who has done a great job as chair of the Committee during her time, and in putting together many beautiful issues of the Marpa House Newsletter. Thank you Neeltje, for giving real meaning to the words service with a smile!
Thank you for reading this Marpa Monthly, and thank you for your ongoing support and interest in Marpa House!

with best wishes,
Marpa House Committee



Author: MaRpA